The Time is at Hand!

Here Ye Here Ye! The time is almost at hand. Prepare thyself for the night of July 12th as my book The Darkness Returns is released and ready to be had by all! But wait! There’s more!

I can’t believe it

It seems like a dream, but I’m also having a book launch event at my local Barnes & Noble store (1741 S Willow St, Manchester, NH 03103 ) This event is for the Bookmobile and is in conjunction with the Manchester Public Library. I will be signing copies of my book if you buy them from 5pm – 7pm…Yet were still not done!

Now it’s a party

Not only will I be signing books, but other authors (much more famous than I) will also be on hand to sign their books. Jennifer Vaughn, Mike Morin, and Tim Horvath, as well as some others, will be there with me (Well I’ll be there with them but tomato – tahmato) and it should be a huge gathering in support of helping children read. Just one more thing and I’m done…I promise.

Free Stuff

Thanks to the beautiful wife’s idea, we will also be handing out some dragon stickers and even a coloring page based on my dragon on the cover of Kyanite Press issue 4/ volume 1 March/April magazine. It’s based off of my character Kanthalianar (Kanth for short) who makes his appearance in that issue and in Book 2 The Darkness Within

I’m so excited and I hope to see you there!!


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