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More Stories

So this year is looking rather good for my name getting out there. So far, pending at least three submissions, I will have at least 8 different books throughout 2020! Now while I may not be able to quit my day job from all of this, it does do one very important thing. Spreads my name to more people. Each book has my author Bio in the back and says what I’ve written. That is a great way to get a bigger audience, especially if they enjoyed my writing in whatever they bought.

Two of these books (and hopefully a third come April) are for Eerie River Publishing and are short story anthologies.


Others are the Kyanite press Journals that I’ve been in; one in February and the other awaiting submission.

Kyanite press Feb

And then finally it is the year of Remnants! This shared world is going to be published at some point this year and is a collection of short stories in the same world by varying authors.

Remnants-shared world

So hold on to your reading glasses and get your wallets ready for 2020! More news to follow as it comes, and as always thank you to all of you that support me!

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