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Monthly Newsletter – February

Welcome to the mind of an author. I decided to re-tool my blog into some sort of monthly newsletter to let you all know about upcoming projects and general mayhem. This spring is going to be quite busy over here in Silverhome as I have a lot of things I’m throwing at varying publishers this year. Some —like cooked spaghetti — will stick, others might not but let’s look at what I’ve got to look forward to so far.

Monthly Contest

Of course with February I will be writing another “Angels Among Us” story for gestalt_media’s monthly contest. This will continue the story i have set up so far and may even finally figure out what Lucifer has planned.

Kyanite Submissions

It was just announced that the next Kyanite submission for their quarterly journal of speculative fiction is going to be military science fiction. This isn’t my strong suit but I’ll be giving it a shot nonetheless. The Outer Rim will be coming out of storage and rewritten into a compelling story of humanity struggling against aliens.

Kyanite has also announced that they are calling for dark fantasy for an anthology. This is exactly in my wheelhouse and will be on my short list to start very soon. Dark fantasy with a touch of horror, almost like a dark world full of undead sounds like it would be fun.

New Projects- sshhhhh

I’m also working on a secret — for now— project to be announced once we hammer out some more details. It involves fantasy noir and a completely new setting and I’m really excited to see how it comes out once all is said and done.

I’m also in my first magazine interview that drops this weekend on Worldbuilding Magazine, an online zine that I had fun doing. Check them out at later on this week.

Eerie River Submissions

I’m also working on some anthologies for this horror publisher. As you all know I’m in their Forgotten Ones drabble and It calls from the forest anthologies and this month I will be working on It calls from the sky and Sea respectively. Fingers crossed.

I’ve also submitted a monthly story to them for a patreon contest with the theme of witches. Here’s hoping that does well.

In closing

Finally I will start working on finalizing my second book in the Lythinall series, the Darkness Within. The book is due out sometime in June 2020 and in preparation for that I will be trying to shoot another video for a book trailer and polishing edits.

Thank you all who voted for my monthly stories and supported me in general, your confidence keeps me going as always!



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