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Born in the usual way, I found fantasy at the age of 8 with Dungeons & Dragons. I loved being different people and casting magic. I would play any chance I got and played Dragonlance the most. When my group broke up and we moved, I would create my own roleplaying games (Montgomery Wars was one of the best ones we made) and then I found Star Frontiers as well. In 1990 I discovered my love for reading. My favorite teacher gave me her personal books to bring home and I couldn’t get enough (Dragonriders of Pern, and Elric of Melnibone).  Now I had even more ways to explore the many worlds out there, and it was harder and harder to come back. Over the years I played in many different games, with various groups and kept reading as much as I could. When I was much older, and had created and destroyed more worlds than I could count, I finally decided to delve into the literary world. I created Lythinall, a place where I could tell epic stories and invite my readers to journey with the characters I’ve created. The Darkness Returns is the start of one such journey, but certainly not the end.


What I like to do

I still play Dungeons & Dragons most Fridays, and alternate with White Wolf’s World of Darkness (We have a crossover game in Seattle, mixing every type of creature type in the city and I have a vampire named Dorian Grey.) I also enjoy playing the occasional Magic the Gathering game with my older sons, playing anything at all with my Grandson Jackson (I call him Widdle Dood), and watching bad horror movies with my patient wife. I still write backstories for our playing groups, though I write longer ones now that I’ve really jumped into the deep end.

Seattle 1

Recently I was accepted by @Kyanitepub and with that comes new challenges and new paths to explore. If you’ve gotten this far then you’re in the exciting worlds that await, but don’t worry. You can probably escape at anytime…but I wouldn’t bet on it.





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