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Angels Among Us

This was originally for Gestalt-Media’s monthly contest of which all my stories were selected to be in the anthology! Since they closed their doors I have been working on putting all of these into an anthology. I’ve even added a couple extra stories in this work and It will be released under my own name in July 2023.

Angels Ebook Cover

The Setting

The world of Angels Among Us is a distant future after some sort of destruction and merging of city’s. Places like New Seattle and New Detroit lead the reader to believe that something happened to the original cities.  Likewise, Old Miami and The battle of Phoenix also hint at some horrible catastrophe which is never named, only hinted at.

The Cast

As for our cast of characters, the archangels, are walking among us and have certain powers at their disposal. While they look human, one of the distinctive ways to tell them apart would be to see their shadows…which have wings. This hasn’t come up in the short stories I’ve written yet as the word count limit has me being a tad selective right now, but it may come up soon. Not all of the archangels are here, some of them have elicited to stay in heaven, but Michael, Gabriel, Azrael, and even Raphael walk among humanity as one of us.. Of course Lucifer is here as well, but he didn’t have a choice in that as we all know.

Other characters include such names as Cain the first murderer, and an angel named Eve (Everal) that falls due to refusing an order from above, and other figures from the bible may make appearances. So get comfortable and get ready to see a world that is not unlike our own if only you look at the dark corners of humanity and have a little faith.

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