As in every quest the hero wouldn’t be able to get where he was going, or complete that epic trial, without companions. People dedicated to his cause and friendship who often lay down their lives for him solely so that he can keep going. Now I bet you’re wondering why In all the Hells below I would bring that up? Because even today these people exist.

The Long Road

Getting here, for me, wasn’t easy by any means. I work a very physical draining job and long hours, so coming home and typing 1000 words a night was tough; yet it was something I wanted to do. To fulfil a passion that I had started long ago. In doing this I finished not only one book, but three (A total of 260,000 words) along with detailed maps, another language, and a cast of memorable heroes not unlike my own characters I have grown up with. While doing this I’ve met a couple of remarkable people who have both supported me and joined my cause; a heroic company of authors that stand beside me and ride forth into battle (even if they don’t see It that way), and A terrific publisher that decided I was worth having on board.

So Who’s the Cleric?

While you’re probably wondering what roles these other authors play, they don’t have any class assigned to them (though I will admit Ryen is the Sorceress) All of them are important to my journey and I wouldn’t make it down the road without their support. Even if that is just to like my tweets and give encouragement on my many stories. (That is the best kind by the way). So here is a small list of people that you should give your support to, Gods above know that I have and they have never let me down:


Steven M. Nedeau                                       Ryen Lesli                     

B.K. Bass                                                     Hanson Oak                              

Sophia LeRoux                                       Sam Hendricks               

D.K. Marie                                      Danielle Ancona                     

Professor Cognome                              Davene LG 






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