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The Outer Rim

This is a setting I started for one of Kyanite’s old journals of speculative fiction. It was a call for military sci fi and I enjoyed the challenge of writing outside of my comfort zone. When it was done I found that I had created a world setting that I could have fun with.

In this setting, humanity has travelled far away from a doomed earth and set up a United alliance federation. it’s here that they discover a place near the rim of their galaxy that is dark and empty…the outer rim of civilization.  Starships with A.I., cat like beings called the Minxr, and huge warriors called the Baxin fight along side humanity against things like the Yll’ar, the Dark, and even ourselves.

It’s not complete yet, only a couple stories that are now out of print, but someday I may make them into a novel or find a home for them again


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