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Welcome to a world without Dragons…

…or so everyone thinks. This world was created for my free novella Dragon Caller: Rise of the Archmage book 1 and was a lot of fun to write. The story starts off with an mysterious figure reading a book to his niece (?) The book is actually the story and he hints that he was there to himself. This first book introduces new magic and characters that differ from my other novels and sets up a brand new world to explore…yet things will feel very familiar to people that have read my work before—or so I’m told—

Here, dragons are a myth told in the old stories and only seen in tales, until an old sorcerer rises from his prison and wakes one of the fabled beasts. In Dragon Master: Rise of he Archmage book 2, our heroes as they rush to stop this evil sorcerer from controlling one of the most devastating forces ever seen.

Both of these can be found under the heading of “Buy my Books” on the home screen. Book 1 is completely free on Amazon! —book 2 is only .99$

The Map of Erendor

Here is the map, which appears in both eBooks, but you might be able to see it better here.

World of Erendor
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