My fantasy writing is unique in that I try and show you everyone’s perspective. That lonely guard, the bad guy they’re chasing, hells, even that little girl in the shadows. It takes you through head swaps with page breaks and fills in things I want you to know for later events, so keep a calm eye on the little things, you never know when they might show up again. Some things that I am working on:

Alone in Darkness

This is the beginning of Sprout and her early life on the streets of Everknight. Based in the land of Lythinall, some 8 years before The Darkness Returns, this story brings some of the characters from that later novel to light and widens the impact they had, as well as characters from book 2 and events that will come to light in book 3.


Chasing the Darkness

This is how Karsis met the faeries and became king of the faeries. Set 18 years before the events in The Darkness Returns, this fun story explores the relationship between him and the faerie queen and hints at some ties between the elves and faeries in their past.

hidden vale

Destiny Calls

This was originally a contest submission that had to use the word Gramarye, and I loved it so much that I added the words to my elven language, rewrote it, and added it to my existing world. It grew a whole new begining, and a depth that shows some back history on Lythinall, and sets up a new land to explore…Sirr (sear).


















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