My Worlds

The worlds I’ve created  rest mainly in the genre of epic fantasy. Elves, dragons, faeries, and more will run, fly, or crawl through the stories and draw you into their world. Beware though, I’ve never said they will let you back out.


This land is the main focus of my core novels. It is a land set in the world of Seren’Dir and is steeped in a troubled history of slavery and war. Join the heroes as they travel across the land and fight against the rising darkness coming for them all.

Northern Belt


A new land where elves and humans guard a protective seal meant to hold an evil God at bay. This world explores blood magic and sacrifice, as well as brave heroes that started out as misfits or outcasts. Originally created as a one time submission for a contest, I decided to keep it and add it to the world of Seren’Dir and also link it to my core novels as a prequel 200+ years before those events.



This world, created for an anthology, wasn’t supposed to be much. However it’s me so it kind of exploded into something that I can explore at a later date and have fun with. The basis was steampunk, but since I’m a fantasy guy I kind of tweaked it to be like a #Steamblade theme. Half Steampunk, half fantasy (not unlike the Final Fantasy series in their min ranged games – 7, 8, 9.) this world takes you on a tour of wild chases and impossible feats.



The Outer Rim

Long abandoned because of an alien outbreak, the worlds in the dark Outer Rim are guarded by brave men and women aboard huge starships. Nothing has been seen or heard coming out of the blackness for over a hundred years, but now contact has been lost with a number of ships and humanity may be in trouble

Outer rim

Different Skies

Trapped on an alien world, the survivors of the crashed ship Silverhome must struggle against the alien flora and fauna on this strange new planet. Pink sunsets, twin moons, and an abundance of strange creatures is only the start.

Different skies

So once again, I welcome you to explore and I hope you find something that entices you.


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