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Welcome to the Worlds I have created. Below are some of the books I’ve had published in the past, my first venture into the literary world. The Lythinall series was three books that told a story about bringing nations and people together in the face of a returning darkness. (These books are out of print due to being re-released)

Recently Kyanite Publishing announced the upcoming print of The Darkness Returns (A Lythinall Novel) Book 1 with a brand new cover! (Thanks to for the beautiful cover art) More info can be found here: 

The Darkness Returns new

Other Works

I’ve also had stories published through Kyanite Press and their monthly magazine. These stories are set in Lythinall, (or linked to the world) and so far I’ve even had one of them as the featured story (which brought tears to my eyes I’ll admit) You can buy that issue — and many more editions — here:

Dragon's Fall Pic

Projects and Plans

Then there are some of the projects I’m currently working on, one of which is an Anthology to the Lythinall series. This collection of stories will center around secondary characters (sometimes major ones too) and tell of some events only mentioned briefly in the original books. Planned stories include: Karsis meeting the faeries, The story of Sprout on the streets of Everknight, and how Graf’s mind was fractured. There might also be some of the stories that have been published in Kyanite Press’s monthly magazine.

Light in Darkness

I’m also working on another trilogy set in a steampunk setting (well more Magepunk or Arcanepunk but….) This was conceived mainly through Kyanite press (again with these guys, its like they’re stalking me or something) when they put forward an idea for a punk anthology. I wrote a short story for that and out of that grew a whole new world (thanks to Worldanvil for helping me flesh that out BTW)

Gear Revolution series

I’ve also started another project with @Kyanitepub in an upcoming shared world anthology. This setting is vastly different from anything I’ve worked on before, as I usually try to stay away from real world settings, but I have to say that it was exhilarating

Remnants-shared world

For more information on this project check out this site and view the possibilities –

I also have a section of Free Stories here on my website, and If you’re here and can’t find it, here’s a quick handy link to it:

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