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Here you can find all of the books I’ve written and some of the ones I’m featured in. I’ve also added some of the projects I’m working on below as well, but haven’t finished as of yet (or been released in some cases) So let’s begin the tour:

The Lythinall Series

The first book in the series, The Darkness Returns, was met with great reviews — not many, but all good — and book 2 The Darkness Within is due out Spring 2020. 

The Darkness Returns new

Kyanite Press: Journal of Speculative Fiction

I’ve had a good amount of stories published through Kyanite Press and their monthly magazine. These stories are sometimes set in Lythinall, linked to that universe, or about my famous elven pirate. I’ve even had one of them as the featured story —which brought tears to my eyes I’ll admit— You can buy that issue and many more editions here: Below are the covers of the issues I’ve been in:

Dragon's Fall Pic

Other Publishers

There are even some publishers that I’ve worked with and submitted to for other books as well. This spring 2020 I am in two different anthologies from the wonderful people at Below are the two books I have stories in — which are dark horror, something I’m not used to


Projects and Upcoming Books

I also have a set of connected stories being entered every month over at These stories are part of a contest and so far I’ve won one of them and placed second in another. Because of this, I’ve been told that they may be doing an anthology late 2020 and I will be in that as well — unless the wheel fall off of the cart, so to speak —  These stories can actually be found right here on my website under “Angels Among Us”

I’m also in another project with @Kyanitepub in an upcoming shared world anthology. This setting is vastly different from anything I’ve worked on before, as I usually try to stay away from real world settings, but I have to say that it was exhilarating

Remnants-shared world

For more information on this project check out this site and view the possibilities –

I also have a section of Free Stories here on my website, and If you’re here and can’t find it, here’s a quick handy link to it:

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