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Here you can find all of the books I’ve written and some of the ones I’m featured in. I’ve also added some of the projects I’m working on below as well, but haven’t finished as of yet (or been released in some cases) So let’s begin the tour:

The Lythinall Series

The first book in the series, The Darkness Returns, was met with great reviews—not many, but all good—and book 2 The Darkness Within has started gathering good words form viewers as well. With the recent changes in publishers, the books have been re-released and more are on the way. Tales of Lythinall, the third instalment, released to a good turnout so far and the exposition in its pages has some of its readers excited. The final book in the series, The Darkness Falls wraps up the epic conclusion and rewards readers with a timeline and elven language in the back appendix’s below is the link for Skullgate media’s links:

Skullgate Linktree


lythinall-tales-full-cover_Full Cover


Rise of the Archmage series

This series was written as a free eBook series and is free everywhere, including Amazon. The books focus on the rise of a famous archmage and his beginnings. Join our heroes as they romp across Erendor together and trade quips and one liners while taking on evil forces from the distant past.

Dragon Caller on Amazon

Angels Among Us

This new book comes out July 7th and is now up on Amazon for preorder. This anthology is a collection of short stories that revolve around the various archangels that walk among us in a world we broke with an unknown calamity. As humanity rebuilds, greater pieces on the board get drawn into an ongoing prophesy that only their Father knows the outcome to.


Kyanite Press: Journal of Speculative Fiction

I’ve had a good amount of stories published through Kyanite Press and their monthly magazine. These stories are sometimes set in Lythinall, linked to that universe, or about my famous elven pirate. I’ve even had one of them as the featured story —which brought tears to my eyes I’ll admit— With the closing of Kyanite Publishing this year, most of these will be out of print but you can still see the pretty covers below:

Dragon's Fall Pic


Other Publishers

There are even some publishers that I’ve worked with and submitted to for other books as well.  I am in a dreampunk anthology called Mirrormaze by Fractured Mirror Publishing. A horror apocalypse shared world Called Remnants by Fedowar Press to be rereleased in October 2021, a couple different anthologies from the wonderful people at Eerie River Publishing,  an anthology of Perspectives by ASAP comics UK, another anthology by Breaking Rules publishing Europe,  an anthology from Gestalt Media with all 12 of my Angels among us stories as well as a audio book of true tales of the paranormal, and finally a fantasy erotica story with the mobile app Readict called Dark Hearts.

Below are some books I have stories in 

Other Projects

I’ve also  been working on novellas, and other short stories that have yet to be decided on but look hopeful as well as a section of Free Stories here on my website.

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