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Welcome to my twisted imaginings. Here you can look through some of my shorter stories and see what I’ve come up with over the years. The Seattle at Night stories are based of off Whitewolf’s World of Darkness RPG’s and I’ve tried my best to change them slightly to avoid getting in trouble (Vampire Lord instead of Prince, etc…) But any fans of the game will see resemblances immediately. Other short stories to follow will be probably linked to some science fiction space odyssey stories, fantasy stories based off of Dungeons & Dragons, and anything else I find to throw in here.  So have fun and beware, you might not be able to tear yourself away

Seattle At Night

Seattle 1

Welcome to Seattle

This is an introduction to some of the main characters that will appear in the following short stories. it serves to set the stage on some of them and how they work with one another in this strange world of darkness and magic. While it doesn’t go into detail on some of the elements (like the fae and the Cretaed) it does give the reader a bassis for the main four that you will see most often. Enjoy!

Mystery In Seattle

Something has killed a young female mage, and it looks like it was a vampire. Can Shadow find this rogue vampire before he kills again? Will the Mages end the truce if he can’t? Come see the dark side of this wonderful city and the dark heroes that try and protect it from the monsters all around you.


Adventures in Fantasy


In fantasy I have put a lot of the quick stories I have done for other players, usually as gifts or to explain how they met. Here are some of the more popular ones I’ve done for players.

Through the Light

This little gem was a story I did for one of our players when he died in our campaign. I set up the players as “Keys” to eventually defeat Tiamat. We had created our own world of true Gods and lesser Gods and rewritten the back story of the five headed dragon God. So for Christmas I wrote what happened between the time he died and when we raised him. It was really fun to do and was well received.

Riona’s Choice

This short story was written for a couple in our 4th Edition game. The story is one of finding love and sacrifice, and was awesome to write up. We actually played this scene with our characters, and it was an emotional night to be sure.

The Meeting of the Gods

This Gem was written for our homebrew world and is a fun little piece that was inspired by Margaret Weis’s writing (When Raistlin watches the Gods discuss their business) It gives the players a quick look at the Gods and Goddess’s they worship and lends an air of humanity to the Gods. (Massive credit to Virginia Davis for the Pantheon of her world)

Steamblade Stories

cloackwork assassin

Here is where I’ve put some of the short stories I’ve written based in my steampunk world of Eather’an. They mix magic with the concept of clockwork machines and airships, driven by steam and coal burning power. Trains (called gearrails), cars (gearwheels) and even tanks (geartanks) all exist, as do magic spells and mind powered abilities.

Stand at Arimandrian

This one is a short story about a famous battle, during the Great War, and tells of the bravery and heroism of the elves against the dwarves. It’s an odd piece, that the casual reader might not get, but anyone who is fantasy geared may like it. The story flips from the view of the dwarves to the elves at every “chapter break” (not really chapters but you’ll see) and really gets into the drive of both attacker and defender in a way that is rarely shown.

A Taste of Horror


These stories have a bit of a dark side, weather it’s murder, or hauntings. They can also be classified as Social Science Fiction as well, though loosely, and some mirror the dark desires we all think of but never act on/

Warehouse of Evil

This short story was inspired by a co-worker and revolves around what I do everyday. The theory of demonic forces possessing electronic equipment isn’t new, but this new age of voice control equipment posed a fun angle to the story. If you happen to work with me be warned, the people are pulled from my mind, but aren’t exactly the people you might think. — well some of them are, but I told them ahead of time — So enjoy a bit of weird horror from me for once and be careful the next time youre wearing headphones…

Finding Rose

This story was originally for a Twitter game called Prompt Pieces. We all had 10 random prompts and had to create stories out of 8 of them. I used all 10 and decided to link it to my ever growing Timeless Hero universe. In fact if you read the May1st issue of Kyanite press magazine, you will see the same character actually look into this story though the dimensions — if you’re good enough to catch it that is — as he goes about his own story.






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