Timeless Hero

This is my newest endeavor to create something that spans the breadth of my works, connecting them all together by a single hero. The concept has been done before, Michael Moorcock did it with his Eternal Champion, and by no means am I trying to recreate or steal that. Instead I’m using what he accomplished as inspiration for something slightly different. The idea in my worlds is that there is a single person, different in each reality, that is the heroic champion of the downtrodden. In each reality there is another incarnation of him, and they all are the same person (In theory)

In one world his name is Karsis the bard, and it is he who trains the young hero destined to fight the returning darkness in my trilogy. as described below.

Karsis the bard: legendary rogue, warrior, and general hero of the downtrodden. His name had spanned centuries, his deeds the stuff of legend. His auburn curls were as recognizable as his one-of- a-kind burgundy longcoat. He had played for kings, slain
tyrants, even won the heart of an ancient dragon. That’s what all the songs had said. He should know, he wrote most of them.
People had been trying to figure his legacy out for decades, since he never seemed to age or even look like he was slowing down in the slightest. So they made up their theories and invented stories. Rumor had it that the title of Karsis was passed down to
his heir once the child became of age, others hinted at a pact with demons from the hells. They all made him giggle. He wished he had come up with one as good as that last one himself.

In another, his name is Aleksandr Devir, the Psion and bard who helps young Ralia escape persecution in my Steampunk work for Kyanite’s Punk Anthology.

Aleksandr Devir: Wandering bard and psion from the far west, shoots from the hip with a wit sharper than his sword. He is usually in the wrong place at the wrong time; or is he? A flare for the dramatic, he has powers that he hides from the general populace for fear of persecution. A teller of tales and deeds, he often stays for free in most inn’s for his stories and songs. He has long black hair, a top hat, and rose colored glasses to hide his sliver eyes. He favors ruffled shirts and wears a burgundy longcoat that conceals both his slim sword and a six shooter named Confessor.

In my latest story I wrote for Kyanite Publishing’s social science fiction issue, I introduced Harrison McAllister.

Harrison McAllister: Arguably the smartest person in the world. He is an inventor, genius, and all around smart ass who invented the D-viewer 207. He stands five foot seven with shoulder length black hair and odd hazel eyes. Odd that they tend to change color with the light. he has a quirk of shaking his hand as he paces while thinking.     


Harrison is different from the other incarnations of himself in that he is from a technological reality similar to our own. It was in this issue that I first decided to embark upon this challenge. his invention, the D-Viewer 207, can open alternate realities relevant to the viewer. It’s watching these that introduces Harrison to other versions of himself, including Karsis and Aleksandr. I even did a Prompt pieces story for Shameless Plugs podcast that used another version seen in this story for a piece titled Finding Rose. I don’t plan on working on bringing these guys together right away, it will be awhile before I tackle this head on, but I wanted to plan now, and execute later, all the while keeping continuity in place for all of you readers.


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