Writing Prompts

This is where I’m going to link my writing prompt moments from Twitter once they are finished and I’ve closed them. They come in a variety of styles and do not follow themes exactly. If you’re not familiar with how they work it’s very simple


This writing prompt gives a theme or word and you write a flash fiction story about it. It’s held obviously every Friday night into Saturday and is moderated by  @craytusjones He usually tweets the theme early Friday afternoon, so keep watch and join in.


This writing prompt gives one word or theme a day and you write a very short story (140 – 280 characters on Twitter) about that word or theme. Some people # the word, others don’t. There is no set rule for posting them, as long as it is used. This type of flash fiction can be very fun and creative, and I love seeing how people use the different words in their work.


This one is an adaption to the popular Vss game and sponsors two words or themes daily, along with its own website to track them (http://link.jeffwrote.com/). It is a favorite of mine and a fellow writer friend of mine (JeffWrote)  came up with it. So far this game has spawned both Willa and the Dragon (a future short story I think) and my new project The Outer Rim (See other posts about that in Science Fiction)

So if you’re a Twitter user and you have a burning imagination, or just love to write, I suggest you give these two a chance and see what you can come up with. Hope to see you all there!


This was something put on by Shameless Plugs podcast on Twitter. They called for prompts from anyone who wanted to participate and could be anything. I mean anything. So then they choose 10 prompts at random and the writers had to use at least 8 of them and craft a story — of course I used all 10, duh — then we passed them in. Lo and behold they wanted me to read it on their podcast! So I recorded it and sent it in. here it is, the short story born from 10 random prompts and of course I just had to link it to another story….Bonus points of you can tell which one.



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