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Eather’an, Sword and Steam

This is another world that I created for a Steampunk/fantasy short story. The world consists of four major places: The Shards, Island of Regret, The Snake, and Tamia. The Shards are what is left of the two biggest continents were destroyed by stars falling from the night sky in a barrage of death and destruction. Only Tamia was relatively untouched, yet didn’t come away unscathed entirely. The surviving races were enslaved by the orcs and those that did get away fled to Tamia and started over.


The Continent of Tamia is broken into four nations, each one based loosely around an element. This world is a gentle mix of swords, magic, and clockwork technology. They have dwarves that make weapons of steel and obsidian, and black powder pistols and rifles. Some of these are technological marvels, called six shooters and fire black powder bullets. Below are some of the things I’ve come up with….

The Falls


Swords and melee weapons – regular steel, made by the dwarves of Nagar. They have Obsidian weapons, but they are rare, as the dwarves do not sell them at any cost. If one has one they stole it off a dead dwarf, or was gifted in extreme service to the nation of Nagar. Gunpowder weapons have a small cool down phase, so it always comes down to melee weapons

Gunpowder weapons/ bullets –  Black powder was discovered centuries ago by a famous adventurer who lived in all four nations for a time. He combined Sulfur from the fires in Nagar, Charcoal from the mines of Garon’d, and bat guano from the Forests of Syll. He took them to the scientists of Anor and combined them perfectly to form one of the most dangerous weapons ever created. One shot black powder weapons are generally found among the common man today, and fire once before they have to be reloaded (not good for combat).

The expensive six shooter pistols/ rifles that use black powder bullets are for the rich. These weapons use gears and catches to strike the bullets and explode them out of the weapon at high speeds, but heat up the barrel with each shot. Usually after six shots the weapon has a cool down time of 5 minutes or it could explode.

The nation of Garon’d has mass produced rifles that fire bullets with a air driven system, much better than the six shooters, and with a longer run time. With air, there is no cool down time as in the six shooters, however the air needs to be pumped after firing

Cannons/ ballistae –  Typically found on airships or sailing ships, these massive weapons are exactly like the black powder and six shooter versions, only larger. Garon’d has also developed air based weapons on these designs as well and are unmatched in firepower at this time.



Gearwheels – Used in the big cities on the cobblestone streets, these vehicles use steam and gears to propel the vehicle along at a even speed. Carriages are more common, but the occasional car can be seen roaming the richer districts. The more expensive ones actually have roof tops that can go up in case of rain.

Gearrails – Huge steam powered trains are found connecting all of the major cities and running on steel Geartracks that run all the way around Crystal lake and up the Drop.

Airships/ Sailing ships – A variety of flying ships can be seen in the skies all over Tamia. From single passenger flying bikes, to massive transports and warships that sail the high skies between cities. These variety of ships all run on either gear based mechanics that have to be wound up (most small craft and winged bikes), or steam engines that power the blades and wings that twirl and spin keeping them moving. The larger warships and transports have hot air balloons as well giving them a further reach across the land. Most of the airships can also land in water and function there as well, and some old sailing ships can still be found around Crystal lake


The Map of Tamia was originally just a sketch on a 3X5 card, but with ideas coming faster than Karsis’s one liners, I decided to improve.


The World come to life

In the past couple of months I have found a site that let’s you design your world to a much finer degree than I’ve ever seen. If you feel like exploring the world of Eather’an even more come see it on Worldanvil. and see what I’ve made.

Salen’s World Anvil

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