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Welcome and Beware

Welcome to my imagination where you can delve into the many worlds and settings I’ve created, but take care, some of them aren’t for the faint of heart. Once you’ve committed to venturing into my worlds there is always the very real chance that you won’t be able to get back out.

Settings and Themes

Some of the fantastic worlds I’ve created include places where elves, faeries, and dragons roam the land while brave heroes fight against the growing darkness. These fantasy settings usually revolve around good versus evil in plain context with detailed characters and exciting worldbuilding.

hidden vale

Others are something of an in-between, where the world is full of both magic and technology. Airships sail through the skies alongside elves flying with magic, while dwarves build clockwork machines. Black powder pistols and magic swords can be found as well as magic wands and gear-wound contraptions.


Or maybe you like some real world stories with a supernatural twist. Stories that revolve around angels walking among us, disguised as people with hidden agendas. Lucifer, Michael, Cain, and other names from theology can be found walking down streets and dealing with human issues.


Tread Lightly

Whichever your flavor, take care and tread lightly, sometimes the things that go bump in the night aren’t what you need to watch out for. Sometimes, just sometimes, the thing that frightens you the most will turn out to be what saves you…


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