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Summer is Coming

Another month is here and boy is this a big one! Not only do I have some exciting news… I also have a big reveal for you all.

Coming in August

My story The Outer Rim has been accepted for the upcoming Kyanite press journal of speculative fiction issue due out in August. This one is rather exciting for me as I wasn’t sure I could do straight science fiction like this. Check out the cool cover and be sure to grab yours when it comes out

Busy Busy Busy

So my work has been crazy lately and I haven’t had a whole lot of time to write…however I do have something’s in the works. The monthly contest over at Gestalt-Media went extremely well this time and I’m proud to say that my story The Fall of Eve won! That makes seven stories that I now have in their planned anthology for the end of the year and If I can keep it going I should have half the book with one long connected story.
I also have a submission into Kyanite press for a Weird fiction call, one that was hard to nail down and figure out. Fingers crossed there as it was new territory for me as well. I’m also waiting on a dark fantasy submission for another Kyanite anthology.
Then there is my Eerie River submissions. I have stories in for It Calls from the Sky and With Blood and Ash and I can’t wait to see what they think of my stories for those. My previous submissions for them have gone through and I can only hope that I can pull these off as well.

Cover Reveal!

The time has come to show you all what I’ve been working on. As I have let you all know I plan on releasing a free e-book later this summer on amazon. I’ve been writing this on the weekends and I can finally say that it is almost ready. Dragon Caller will be the first book in two book series about the rise of the archmage Salen Valari and I am having a blast writing this. The cover was done by B.K. Bass and I can now show you all what that will look like

That’s it for now

So stay tuned next week for more news on some of these projects and as always I thank every one of you for supporting me in my writing career.

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